Business Sectors

ESI’s software solutions are the answer to the issues and challenges that face various business sectors.


ESI offers a wide range of SaaS products and services that are extremely comprehensive and versatile, covering all the new needs that will enable the world of remote monitoring to complete its transformation and enter the world of security services.

  • From safety to security for new value-added services
  • “Intelligence Monitoring” to support performance and profitability
  • A high-risk cyber approach



Video protection is one of the security components that has evolved the most in terms of integrated technologies and interoperability: ESI’s V1 solution has incorporated these developments to enable optimized “human-machine” video surveillance.

  • A constantly expanding catalog of 150 protocols to date
  • Local or remote supervision
  • Advanced behavioral video analysis thanks to our expertise in Deep Learning, the foundation of our AV1 module.


The shortage of security guards and the increase in costs for private security companies are leading them to look for optimization solutions:

  • Federating technologies around the Augmented Security Agent through Hypervision
  • Reducing on-site time through unified security control from a national Operations Center

are part of the challenges of cost optimization and rationalization of human resources.

ESI and its partner PRYSM have joined forces to create a unique immersive on-site experience with “ONE”.


Public and local authorities are taking on an increasing responsibility for the security of public property and people, while some state bodies and police services ensure this security at a national level.

  • High-performance, high-security tools
  • Combination of local and national platforms
  • Trusted third parties


The range of products and services offered by ESI makes it possible to support the societal evolution of secure home care for seniors. Thanks to an advanced SaaS mode access offer, based on Tier 4 and 3+ data centers, the teleassistant is able to focus on the purely operational aspects of their work and to free themselves from the complexity of administering and securing their tools.

  • A wider range of services
  • Video and geolocation
  • Secure real-time communication with partners


ESI’s wide range of products ensures optimal management of an entire fleet of elevators, right down to the management of technician interventions, with a level of reliability, traceability, and safety that is compliant with GDPR regulations.

  • Library of over 40 elevator protocols
  • Management of duplex intercom systems
  • Support for the transition from PSTN to SIP Trunk technology