About us 

Discover the history of ESI from its creation to the present day.


Constant evolution

VITAPROTECH is the leading French group in premium security solutions for professional and sensitive sites. Founded in 2012, the Group now brings together 12 companies covering all needs with the widest and most comprehensive offer on the market.

VITAPROTECH Group companies design, manufacture, and distribute reliable, scalable, and interoperable tailor-made solutions to ensure secure physical access. The group’s strength lies in its integrated human skills, continuous investment in R&D, and constant attention to societal and environmental developments and their impacts on safety.

ESI: A History of Security 

Founded in 1999, ESI – European Systems Integration – develops state-of-the-art global software solutions for unified security. ESI invests heavily and continuously in research and development, especially in the most advanced areas of artificial intelligence.

As a European leader in software solutions for monitoring stations, video protection, remote assistance and lift call centers, ESI draws on years of experience and business knowledge to provide you with the best technology available.

Our solutions are exclusively developed in France within our R&D department of 25 engineers.

Our teams

Sebastien Neri

Sebastien Neri

Sales Director

“You shouldn’t do things differently just because your products or services are different. They have to be… better.” (Elon Musk)

Julien Dubois

Julien Dubois

Project and Customer Support Manager

“Individual work wins a game, but it’s team spirit and collective intelligence that makes it possible to win a World Cup!” (Aimé Jacquet)

Bertrand Gasnier

Bertrand Gasnier


“Innovation is at the heart of our developments, but it’s not just about technology. The best source of innovation is the creativity of our employees.”

Philippe Piecoup

Philippe Piecoup

Technical Director R&D

“If you’re obsessed with profit, you’re going to neglect the product. But if you’re primarily concerned with making really good products, profits will follow.” (Steve Jobs)

Our commitments

Reference year: 2022
End date of the period: December 31, 2022
Number of employees taken into account for the calculation: 49
Total points obtained: 40
Index: not calculable