Thanks to its experience in key European markets, particularly in the UK where CCTV monitoring is very prevalent, ESI has adapted its V1 video solution to make it a true extension of human surveillance tasks at sensitive sites. It brings efficiency, safety, and competitiveness to the sector, particularly through triggered virtual rounds that alternate with physical rounds. Following a complete overhaul of the products based on thin client technologies, video is now managed in a static or mobile way, making it possible to substantially increase the reaction capacities of the entire intervention chain. Local video supervision can now be delegated to centralized organizations, such as regional clusters or national centers. The integration of AI in the AV1 video analysis engine, developed in partnership with INRIA, provides an interpretation, meaning, and decision-making aid with respect to what an operator will have to view, thereby considerably improving the relevance of the operator’s work. Additional features may also be implemented remotely, such as technical verification of cameras and their availability, remote access control, virtual concierge, etc.