Lift Manufacturers 

Call centers in charge of monitoring fleets of lifts are particularly faced with the need to integrate protocols specific to the communications and warning equipment installed in a fleet’s cabins. The technology that has been embedded for years in ESI’s F1 front-end software makes it possible to cover the wide diversity of these “languages” and modes of communication: for example, around 40 lift protocols, using IP and SIP trunk-type media, currently form part of their catalogue. Duplex intercom management is one of these devices’ main features, making it possible to talk to the people in the lift cabin while also enabling it to be blocked in the event of a lift fault. As it is interconnected with the center’s telephony systems, the routing of the intercom to an operator in charge of monitoring incidents is fully linked to the distribution of alarms. It also enables voice on hold processes that reassure the caller to be managed, with the possibility of making these voice synthesis and voice recognition-based. Managing remote alarms and data or technical anomalies enables rapid intervention, thanks to site-specific instructions, presented according to an action plan and decision-making support, including visualization on a map. By collecting this information, it is possible to have an events database containing the technical history of each piece of equipment, which can then be used to anticipate after-sales service actions or to generate statistical reports.